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Tutorials İBubbles PSP 2002 and are not to be removed from this site in any manner UNLESS you have permission from me. Quick and Easy Backgrounds tutorial created May 15, 2002. Psp groups, please feel free to use my tutorials in your groups. I just ask that you share the url to the tutorials by email and not the tutorials themselves. And, as always, I would love to hear from you if you use my tutorials in your groups. I love to see everyone's results. :)

For this tutorial you will need:

PAINT SHOP PRO (Trial Version)



You will also need an image. Just right click and "save as" to YOUR server if you want to use the same image that I am using.

The effects that are make up Simple Filters can produce some lovely tiles to use as backgrounds on websites and with stationeries. When you start using other filters with the Simple Filters to make these tiles, the results can be even lovelier. I started experimenting with the Visual Manipulation Filters and the Simple Filters to see what I would get. Give it a try; they are really "quick and easy".

1. Open your image in PSP. Shift+D to make a copy of your image. Close your original as we will be working with the copy of the graphic. Image/Resize 300w x 300h maintain ratio unchecked. Effects/Sharpen/Sharpen.

2. Effects/PluginFilters/VM Experimental/Deep Crunch using these settings: Depth=4; Red=15; Green=13; Blue=13.

3. Effects/PluginFilters/Simple/Pizza Slice Mirror.

4. Effects/PluginFilters/Simple/Quick Tile. And that's it. Below are your results. Resize to desired size, sharpen, and save.

The tile below was made using the same settings in VM Experimental but then I went to Simple Filters/Zoom Out and Flip, next to Pizza Slice Mirror, and then to Quick Tile.

Please do not remove any tutorials, graphics, html, etc. that is not offered
for download on this site. İBubbles PSP 2002.