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This tutorial created June 8, 2002 and is İBubbles' PSP 2002. It is written at the request of Katie, so therefore I decided to dedicate this tutorial to her. Hope this helps you Katie :) Psp groups, feel free to use my tutorials for your groups; I just ask that you share the url to the tutorial and not the tutorial itself. And as always, please feel free to email me if you have any problems with my tutorials or even if you just want to show me your results.

For this tutorial you will need

PAINT SHOP PRO (Trial Version)

You will need an image; if you wish to use the image that I am using, click here. The image that I am using is by artist Jonathon Earl Bowser. If you use this image and plan to place it on your website, then please, grab the banner at the bottom of this page and link it back to Mr. Bowser's website. You can see more of Mr. Bowser's lovely artwork by visiting his site. You will also need a goldfill pattern; click here. And you will need a floral tube of your choice to decorate your frame with (optional).

Okay, let's get started!

1. Open your image in PSP and make a copy of it (Shift+D); close the original as we will be working on the copy of the image. Click on the selection tool and set it to ellipse, feather 0, antialias checked. Position your cursor at the center of your graphic and draw an ellipse around the part of the graphic that you want to frame. If you are using the same image as I am, the center would be 150,225.

2. Layers/Promote to Layer. Selections/Invert. Hit your delete key. Selections/Select None. Selections/Select All. Selections/Float. Effects/3D Effects/Cutout using these settings: Opacity 75; Blur 25; Vertical 5; Horizontal 5; repeat cutout changing the vertical and horizontal settings to -5.

3. Selections/Defloat. Selections/Modify/Expand by 20. *NOTE* If you see that you do not have enough from to expand without your border being cut off, go to Image/Canvas Size and expand your canvas size by about 25 pixels in width and height. Layers/New Raster Layer. Layers/Arrange/Send to Bottom. Grab your dropper tool and select a color from your graphic that you want to use for your frame. I'm using #6D2749. Click o n your floodfill bucket and floodfill your selected area (make sure your new layer you just applied is your active layer). Do not deselect. Effects/Texture Effects/Straw-Wall using the settings shown below. Do not deselect.

4. This next step may seem repetitive, but I do this step so the graphic seems to have a deeper cutout effect. Selections/Modify/Contract by 20. Selections/Float. Effects/3D Effects/Cutout using these settings: Opacity 75; Blur 25; Vertical 5; Horizontal 5; repeat cutout changing the vertical and horizontal settings to -5. Selections/Defloat. Selection/Modify/Expand by 23. This will give us a 3 pixel border that we can apply a gold border to. Layers/New Raster Layer. Layers/Arrange/Send to Bottom.

5. Change your bkg styles box to patterns and select your goldfill pattern provided in this tutorial, or one of your choice. Scale 100% Angle 0. Floodfill your selection with your goldfill pattern. Selections/Select None. If you want to apply a floral tube as I did, apply a new layer (Layers/New Raster Layer), make your tube image active, go to Edit/Copy; now make your frame image active and go to Edit/Paste/As New Selection. Position your tube in desired positon; I added a slight drop shadow to my tube using these settings; Opacity 70; Blur 2.5/ Vertical 2; Horizontal 2. This is what you should have at this point (Yours will have a transparent bkg).

6. Layers/Merge/Merge Visible. To get rid of the excess space around your frame, go to Selections/Select All. Selections/Float. Edit/Copy. Edit/Paste/As New Image. When you save this as a .jpg you will have a white bkg. If that's what you want, go to Layers/Merge/Merge All Flatten and save as a .jpg. BUT, if you are wanting to add it to a colored bkg for a stat or website, then, you need to go one step further.

7. Go to Layers/New Raster Layer and then Layers/Arrange/Send to Bottom. Floodfill your bottom layer with your bkg color or pattern. As you can see on this webset, my top layer was a light pink color. Since the oval frame was going to be on that layer, I went to my bkg style box, changed it to patterns, selected my pink bkg color and floodfilled the layer. Then go to Layers/Merge/Merge All Flatten. Resize if necessary, remembering to go to Effects/Sharpen/Sharpen after you resize. Save as.jpg and you are finished.

Here is another example using a wood fill for the frame instead of a color and texture. There are so many ways you can frame your image. Have fun experimenting!!

Please do not remove webset or tutorials graphics from site. İBubbles' PSP 2002.