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This tutorial created July 10, 2002 and is the sole property of Bubbles' PSP 2002. Any similarity to any other tutorial is entirely coincidence as this tutorial is the result of playing around in PSP with various filters, etc. Please do not remove tutorial in any way or form from this site. Psp groups, feel free to use my tutorials; I just ask that you share the link to the tutorial and not the tutorial itself.

For this tutorial you will need:

PAINT SHOP PRO (Trial Version)


SIMPLE FILTER (**NOTE: Kiwi's and Simple Filter can both be downloaded at Raving Concepts. Click on the enter sign and it will take you to the home page; from there click on graphical plug-ins)


You will also need the mask used in this tutorial. I downloaded this mask from Sweetie's Spot. Please be sure to pay a visit to her site; she has some great masks.

You will also need a pattern fill. I downloaded my pattern fill from Jane's Tubes. If you want to use the same patternfill that I used, click here and choose wallpaper fill #51.

Okay, let's get started!

1. Open a new image (File/New Image) 300w x 300h transparent background. Set your foreground color to #44483A; if you are using a different wallpaper fill than the one I am using, select a med/dark color from your pattern and make it your foreground color. Set the background style box to your patternfill.

2. Floodfill your new image with your foreground color (#44483A). Layers/New Raster Layer. Floodfill with your pattern fill. Masks/Load from Disk/ts_mask65.

3. Masks/Invert. Masks/Delete. Merge into the current layer? YES! Layers/Merge/Merge All Flatten.

4. Effects/PluginFilters/"v"Kiwi's Oelfilter/3.5 Promille using the default settings.

5. Effects/PluginFilters/Simple/Pizza Slice Mirror.

6. Effects/PluginFilters/Filter Factory Gallery A/Kaleidoscope II using the default settings: Divisions 224; Rotations 19.

7. Image/Resize by 66% or desired size. Effects/Sharpen/Sharpen.

Go one step further and go to Simple/Quick Tile after following the above steps and you will get the results below.

The results below show a different pattern/color combination using the following steps: Promille using the same settings as above except change the last setting to 73; Pizza Slice Mirror; Kaleidoscope !! using Divisions 224 and Rotations 185; then Quick Tile.

İBubbles' PSP 2002. Please do not remove tutorial or webset from site UNLESS you have permission from me.